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Being creative is closely connected with being happy. Think about the times when you’ve been most creative. The times when hours have passed in the blink of an eye, when you’ve been completely lost in your creativity, highly focused and flowing freely. Happy times, yes?

So how can you reach this kind of creativity more often? Here are 5 killer tips to help you be more creative, and therefore make yourself happy:

1. Create what you want to create right now. When you choose a new project to start on, do you go through a list of possibilities that you started years ago, and feel obliged to work through them all one by one? Creativity thrives on energy and flow and your current waves of inspiration. If you can’t get motivated about a project you thought of years ago, but a new idea you had yesterday fills you with excitement, then GO with the natural flow, follow that new idea, and create what makes you happy.

2. Acknowledge your creative achievements. It’s so easy to overlook all you create because you’re with yourself all the time and lose objectivity. Keep a notebook or chart of all your creative achievements. They don’t have to be huge things like writing a novel or recording an album. Record all creative acts, from writing a few lines of poetry, to cooking a delicious meal, to taking a new series of photos. Then when you look back at the end of each month you’ll be amazed at how creative you’ve been without realising.

3. Support others in being more creative. If you’re struggling to be creative, the tendency is to want to preserve all the energy you have for yourself. But ironically, it will actually work against you. If however you freely encourage and support others in being more creative, you’ll find you’re naturally more creative yourself, and your energy, ideas and enthusiasm is rejuvenated by seeing how others have progressed with your kind encouragement. Everyone’s happier, everyone’s more creative!

4. Develop creativity habits. Many of us feel we can’t be tied down by anything so restrictive as a daily habit or routine. We’re creative artists, we must be free! The truth is, the key to being your most creative is to find the patterns and habits of creating that work best for you. We each have a unique formula for creativity. Experiment, find what works best for you, the ways you’re most happy creating, and stick with it for as long as it continues to work.

5. Shake off the “shoulds”. Do you feel all you ever create is what everyone else thinks you should create? Your family, friends, teachers, role models, peers? This is always going to end in disappointment as your motive for creating is based on someone else’s dream and desire. Shake of the shoulds, listen to your own creative dreams, and create what you know you need to create. Creating what makes you happy is the best thing you can do for yourself and for everyone else.

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