It is not the question, whether the Galaxy S8 is broken, but when – this view represent numerous providers of mobile phone repairs and therefore look forward to the new Samsung smartphone. Fragile glass front and rear, relatively easy to repair and not too expensive spare parts.

It will definitely break, that is not a question” – this statement comes from Justin Carroll of the Smartphone Repair Store Fruit Fixed in Richmond, Virginia. Compared to the vice magazine motherboard, some providers of mobile phone repairs were quite pleased with the design of the Samsung Galaxy S8. But behind this is not only pure damage to the fast-breaking glass of the Samsung smartphone.

Who needs a new display for his Galaxy S8, paid for it even a little less than the previous Galaxy Galaxy – surprisingly in view of the size of the screen. The Infinity display of the Galaxy S8 costs about 200 US dollars in the purchase and is between 50 and 100 dollars under the Galaxy S7. “This is little for an OLED panel in a new flagship, especially for a new technology like the Infinity Display,” says Kev Notton of RepairMapr in San Diego.

The Galaxy S8 does not yet contain the new statistics on mobile phone repairs in Germany. The investigation of ClickRepair (PDF) calculates an average cost of 150 euros for a display exchange on a smartphone.